PS3 PlayStation Network Down: Sony Knew About Data Breach a Week Ago

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While the “PlayStation network down” crisis loomed, Sony apparently knew about the hacker’s data breach aka “external intrusion” a week ago. PSN players say today’s announcement is one week overdue.

Sony is now in the company of other Japanese businesses that have come under fire for questionable industry practices.

Toyota Motor Company is still struggling from integrity issues for its string of automobile recalls, and the cryptic talk that ensued when the automaker faced a bevy of questions.

250GB Slim PS3The Tokyo Electric Power Company was harshly criticized for the manner in which it responded to the nuclear crisis in the wake of the Japan earthquake and resultant tsunami last month.

Now the PlayStation network down crisis has put Sony in the spotlight for withholding information from the public.

It’s one thing to learn Sony Corp. knew about the data breach one week ago. But even more sobering is the fact the electronics giant moved at a snail’s pace to divulge vital intelligence, according to Reuters.

Some 77 million PS3 online co-op players now find themselves in the midst of experiencing what perhaps will become the largest data breach on record.

Although the Epsilon marketing company data breach last month involved 250 million customers, its impact was less severe because limited sensitive data made it into the wrong hands.

Research director of the SANS Institute Alan Paller said that the PlayStation network went down possibly due to the practice of choosing innovation and profit over system security. In other words, the rush is on to get a product to the market and into a customer’s hands by any means necessary, and as fast as possible.

“They have to innovate rapidly. That’s the business model. New software has errors in it. So they expose code with errors in it to large numbers of people, which is a catastrophe in the making,” Paller said of the PlayStation network down crisis.

What can you do to protect yourself? Until the video game maker adopts a transparent policy, it is advisable to place alerts on your credit cards and check the status of your sensitive facts to decide if your private information is now public.

Meanwhile, with the PlayStation network down, another thing you can do to prevent identity theft would be to stay vigilant and suspicious about emails, calls, and snail mail asking for your private data.

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