Psych is back on USA for Season 5: Shawn learns some martial arts – Recap

There’s some serious Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon moves when Shawn and Gus return to the small screen in the season premiere of Psych’s season 5. While Shawn is (attempting) to use martial arts moves in his investigation of a kidnapping, he rarely using his ‘psychic’ abilities to solve the crime.

The season premiere, Romeo and Juliet and Juliet, wasn’t nearly as thrilling as the season four finale, but then again not much can top Shawn’s pursuit of Yin and saving the two women he cared for.

His feelings for Juliet, though, make a big appearance in this episode, too, as he tries to encourage her to get back to work after her near-death experience. He’s not the only one either. The Chief reminds her there’s a difference between healing and delaying, and then gives her a stop light safety project. Lassiter shows evidence in the kidnapping case to Juliet, hoping it spurs her into action.

Shawn, too, bounces ideas off Juliet and learns a thing or two about the local Chinese Triad gangs. When he learns the case is connected to martial arts, you know where this plot is going. He wants to try out his martial arts – what he mistakenly calls kar-a-tay – in saving the girl. The episode somewhat felt like an excuse for Shawn to make martial arts and karate jokes, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t without laughs. My favorite part had to be Shawn’s insistence he could scale the wall Jackie Chan-style to get into a second floor window. Somehow Gus goes along with it, offering him a ‘boost,’ and promptly tosses him through a first floor window. They’re in!

Shawn also goes through a wall after discovering that there’s two sons to the Dragon Triad head honcho. The ‘good’ son is in love with the Golden Triad’s daughter, and the ‘bad’ son uses this info to try and start a war between the gangs. When Shawn realizes this, he calls Juliet, asking for back-up. “I need you or I go down alone,” Shawn says. “Well, with Gus. You know what I mean.”

Luckily, Juliet does show up, because despite Shawn’s crazy good Matrix-esque/Crouching Tiger moves, he won’t last long with a fake sword.

In the final moments of the show, Shawn also seemed to make amends with his dad, who had been case-blocking him ever since he was hired as a consultant coordinator. And then the show goes into a very fun montage of all the karate in the episode.

The season premiere of Psych did it’s job – I laughed aplenty – but the storyline wasn’t nearly as good as it was at the end of season four. Give it time, though. Psych promises lots of guest appearances and fun storylines in the summer to come.

What did you think of the season premiere of Psych, Romeo and Juliet and Juliet?

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