‘Psych’ Recap: Shawn Moves Out but Not On During ‘Juliet Wears the Pantsuit’

On Psych, Shawn (James Roday) is determined to not move out of the home he shares with Juliet (Maggie Lawson) on the April 24 episode “Juliet Wears the Pantsuit.” Not only does he insist she keep a shirt he gave her—with the word “fashion” emblazoned on it—but he says, “I propose joint custody over the Fruit Loops and that I don’t move out.”

But Juliet has decided: Things are over, and she’s already looking for a new roommate on Craigslist. Or, as Shawn calls it, “murder me this instant dot com.” Still, Shawn isn’t giving up. He tries to scare potential tenant Kimberly away from the apartment, claiming the place is infested by both bats and a ghost named Kathy. “I’m not just going to give up on us, alright?” he tells Juliet.

He might not be giving up but he needs to find a new place. Since he’s seen too much of his dad, he decides to move into a palatial beachfront house—but really a trailer—with middle-aged coroner Woody (Kurt Fuller). Even though Shawn’s new roommate is interesting to say the least—he has a business shoe on the left, a party one on the right—that living situation isn’t the focus of the USA Network episode.
Rachel Blanchard

That belongs to Juliet’s new living situation. Kimberly won’t be moving in, because she turns up dead. And then Laura (Rachel Blachard) moves in, and she starts acting suspiciously—and not just because she turns up at Kimberly’s bikram yoga spot, where Gus and Spencer go to “investigate.”

But the investigation isn’t all about Laura at first. Shawn and Gus go to the Ivanhoe apartment building, and slowly the clues fall into place. Laura isn’t just Laura. She’s Wendy too, Kimberly’s old roommate.

And then it gets even stranger on Psych “Juliet Wears a Pantsuit.” When Shawn shows up at Chillerz bar, he thinks Juliet is flirting with a bunch of dudes. But, nope, it’s Laura literally dressed as Juliet (she’s wearing one of her pantsuits). “Laura has gone full single white female,” Shawn says in warning to Juliet.

Back at Juliet’s house, it’s clear Laura is up to something. After all, she took all of Juliet’s clothes, and all Juliet has left is Shawn’s “fashion” shirt. Just as Shawn and Juliet argue—again—a “party boy” stops by looking for Laura.

The clues then take the gang to another bar, Owl’s Nest, which leads to a car chase, which leads to another black car joining in on the chase, which leads to Laura’s white car going into the river.

With Shawn’s “psychic” abilities, he puts the clues together. Laura isn’t the killer. Rather, it’s her crazy ex Patrick, the “party boy,” who has been trying to track her down, hence the reason Laura (really Laynie) has multiple IDs with different names. And Laynie isn’t really dead, she’s just pretending to be. But why hasn’t Laynie left town yet? Because she lost her precious locket.

But the locket isn’t at bikram yoga, where Shawn and Gus try to track it down. (It’s also where Gus reveals that he’s a “sympathetic sweater.”)

Rather, Juliet finds the locket in her apartment, where Laynie shows up to apologize and get her family heirloom. She thought she’d be safe living with a cop, and it turns out she made the right move. Because, just then, the lights go out, and the girls know that Patrick is there. .

While all this is happening, Shawn takes a long time to dial his “home” phone number and is worried when it’s a busy signal. He starts heading over to Juliet’s, as Juliet and Laynie freak out Patrick by confusing him (after all, they do look crazy alike). And then Juliet takes Patrick down with a few choice fighting moves. Shawn has arrived at this point, and he tells Patrick, “You’re so lucky that you’re unconscious now.” Because let’s face it; Shawn will never be able to save Juliet this season like Juliet has saved him; the days of Ying/Yang are long gone after all.

But will Juliet and Shawn stand a chance after this thrilling episode? Shawn won’t stop trying. He even tries to fix her broken window in a “platonic” way. He also tells her that he was impressed by her fighting moves. And Juliet has an admission of her own: She liked his investigative work, she’d just prefer less finger pointing at his head.

For now, Shawn is still living in the trailer with Woody, but hopefully that won’t be for long.

Psych airs on USA Network Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EDT.

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