“Pubic” Schools? Oops Indiana Billboard Spelling Error Embarrasses

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An Indiana billboard spelling error embarrasses passerby as well as public schools. The billboard was supposed to be about the great public school education to be had at South Bend public schools. However, an unfortunate spelling error sent the wrong message about the schools.

Billboard Spelling Error in Indiana Makes Everyone Feel Like a Snickering 12 Year Old

The sign read, “15 best things about our pubic schools.” The sign accidentally left the “l” out of what should have read “public” causing the billboard to read “pubic” instead. Oh, imagine the horror of that specific misspelling! Most people who see this unfortunate error can’t help but snicker a bit like a 12 year old.

Who is Responsible for Indiana Billboard Spelling Error?

What is even more incredible is that the misspelling made it past the four people who proofread the ad according to The Blue Waters Group president. They put up the billboard, and they are responsible for the typo. It goes to show that misspellings and typos can happen even to the best. It is hard to believe that four people could miss it, but these types of things certainly happen. It’s too bad that it was in such a public and embarrassing place on the billboard in Indiana. The video below gives more information and reaction to the mistake.

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