Public School Billboard Misspelling – Missing “L” Displays “Pubic” Instead of “Public”

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A public school billboard with an obvious, but not so obvious misspelling, leads to a public outcry, an embarrassment for both the company that erected it and the South Bend School District.  The public school billboard misspelling involved a missing “L” leading to “pubic” instead of the intended “public” display of the word.

According to KDVR News, the public school billboard misspelling displayed, “15 best things about our ‘pubic’ schools”.  The Blue Waters Group was the company retained by the city of South Bend, Indiana in an effort to promote the city as a place of choice for relocation and vacation.  Immediately, the public school billboard misspelling led to an outcry as thousands of motorists drove by the digital spelling error.

The irony of the misspelling is that it took the sharp eyes of passersby to notice the error in the public school billboard, while the workers missed it.  According to Fox 8 News, even after four workers for The Blue Waters Group looked over the public school billboard, not one of them noticed the misspelling.

The president of the advertising firm, Patrick Strickler, responsible for the public school billboard misspelling had this to say about the missing “L”:

“Four people looked at it, eyeballed it and didn’t see the mistake, and those people all work for me.  We take responsibility for it.  We simply blew it.  We did not see the missing ‘L’.”

Upon learning of the misspelled word on the public school billboard, the sign’s error was corrected, this time featuring the proper spelling and intent of the word.

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