Publishers Don’t Want Casey Anthony’s Book

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Being unemployed and on probation makes it hard to make a living. Casey Anthony has tried getting a job in her hometown of Orlando, Florida while serving out her probation. However, people in the local area know her and few want to help her. Those who do may be scared to do so, based on the majority who are less than thrilled she is there.

When Casey was first acquitted, hundreds of reporters mentioned the idea of landing a million-dollar book deal to tell her side of the story. Instead, she bolted out the nearest door and went into hiding. Now that she has no money and no chance of employment, she is willing to write a book.

However, no large publishing agency wants the Casey Anthony story. One agency, which remains unnamed, called a Casey Anthony book “blood money” and didn’t want to touch the project with a ten-foot pole.

Simon and Schuster made a statement that they are 100 percent not interested in any book written by Casey Anthony, her family or any member of her defense team. Harper Collins’ statement pointed out that they have chosen to publish her prosecutor’s book, Jeff Ashton, and they are not playing both sides of the case. The Penguin Group simply stated that they have no plans or intentions to make a book deal with Casey.

Has Casey Anthony heard of self-publishing?

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