Publishing and Book Sales – Synchronicity, Luck or Neither?

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Miracles never cease to amaze me. Or does synchronicity actually happen in real life?

Two days ago I re-published one of my books in Smashwords whilst it, and other of my books, had previously only been E-published with LULU Publishing – and very few sales had occurred over the past three years. Today I received notification from PayPal of a payment made to me and when I checked it out I found that Lulu Publishing had paid an amount to my PayPal account for the sale of seven of my other book ‘Running a Chocolate Factory From Home’.

Well I’ll be…..

Now then, this makes me wonder whether these publishers are somehow connected, or is this simply a miracle of synchronicity in that, as soon as I loose faith in the one publisher and move to another, I am proven wrong. Or does it simply mean that I must jack up my Internet marketing somehow to generate more sales via whichever publishers I might use?

I’d appreciate thoughts from fellow Gather Writing Essentials members.

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