‘Pumping Party’ for Penis Enlargement: Silicone Injection Leads to Death & Arrest!

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A penis “Pumping Party,” hosted by fake doctor Kasia Rivera, leads to one death and an arrest. Justin Street, 22, was looking forward to pumping up his penis at a penis enhancement procedure party. Who thinks up the idea of a “Pumping Party?” Insanity aside, the fake doctor without a license botched the job.

After Rivera pumped silicone into Street’s penis the night before, the 22-year-old New Jersey man died the next day. Street had suffered a fatal blood clot after his alleged penis enhancement. Was it worth it? Unfortunately, Street didn’t even get the excitement of trying out his new pumped up penis, before he died at the hands of Rivera. Sigh!

Of course, Rivera never intended on killing Street (hopefully), but the fake doctor should never have been taking money for penis enhancements that she was not licensed to perform. The “Pumping Up” party occurred last May, but Rivera was just arrested for Street’s death on Friday after an investigation ensued by the Essex County police and prosecutors. Busted!

What is the deal with people pretending to be licensed doctors and practicing unauthorized medicine on patients? Are the clients trying to save money by going to these unlicensed doctors? Street must have realized that performing a penis enhancement in one’s home was not a good sign that she was a licensed doctor. Did he know it?

Did Street realize that his choice to get his penis enlarged by an unlicensed doctor such as Rivera could lead to his untimely death?

However, Kasia Rivera is not the craziest doc in America. This honor goes to Oneal Ron Morris, who was arrested for “injecting a mixture containing cement into the faces and butts of several victims.” Cement? Morris is truly insane. Lock him up and throw away the key.

For now, Rivera’s “Pumping Parties” are the talk of New Jersey, as she sits and awaits a visit from the judge. Rivera is being held on $75,000 bond. Folks, stay away from all “Pumping Parties!” Bad idea.

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