Pumpkin Carving Templates – Free Stencils and Tips for Halloween Jack-O-Lanterns

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For parents and kids, pumpkin carving templates can take the load off the guess-work, and mess from creating a prize-winning jack-o-lantern for Halloween.  Many activities get in full-swing during the holiday season, and pumpkins are a big part of it.  But how does one begin, locate an award-winning pumpkin, and find the necessary templates and stencils this Halloween season?

The following will provide tips on how to begin, work safely, and a link on where to find free pumpkin carving templates and stencils.

Family carving pumpkin on porch

Pumpkin carving:  Step-by-step for beginners by Lima Ohio:

  1. Buy a pumpkin:  Try your local farmer’s market as they tend to have the best prices this season.  Another option is to find an organic market such as Whole Foods Market.  There, you can get free pumpkin carving templates and buy a jack-o-lantern of various species, and growers that offer sustainable products.
  2. Using a Dremel Tool, a hand saw, or steak knife, carefully cut out the lid, and include a little hole or notch in the lid.  This ensures that the lid goes back the same way.
  3. Remove the core of the pumpkin:  Using a thin big metal spoon, scoop out the insides, including the seeds.  You may want to retain the seeds for dry-roasting for inclusion in your favorite recipe or as a snack like sun-flower seeds.
  4. Using a pumpkin carving template, trace your desired pattern.  Here are some great ideas and stencils from Better Homes and Garden.  You can use a pen or pencil to trace your pumpkin carving template, or use a tool that allows you to create dots for a connect-the-dots project.
  5. Begin the carving, again, using a small power tool like the Dremel type, a compact hand saw, or steak knife.  The idea is to do it safely using gloves, if necessary and a pair of safety glasses or goggles.
  6. Dress up your pumpkin using your own creative imagination.
  7. Have fun this Halloween.

Halloween can be a very festive time of the year even before trick-or-treating begins. The free pumpkin carving templates at the above link are sure to usher in the season, and you may even be the big prize-winner on your block or in the competition.

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