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Being punctual is something I pride myself on

I can’t stand anyone waiting for me

I don’t like to wait for anyone either

So this story I write, strange, but from my memory


Back in 1971, my oldest son was to marry

Lots of plans were made in advance

I sewed dresses for bridesmaids

Left nothing to chance


Well, the day arrived, the wedding was at three

I helped every one get ready, got them out of the way

I had an hour for myself, that was plenty

But then the phone rang, near spoiled the day


I’m sorry Mom, said the voice of the groom

I forgot to pack a bag will you do that for me

That put kind of a kink in my plans

But I set about collecting clothes for the husband to be


Well the clothes were just scattered all over his room

Had to fold them and put them neat in a case

Fuming inside, It was getting late

Good thing he couldn’t see the look on my face


Then I had to hurry which I don’t like to do

But The mother of the groom is the first to be seated

Then it started to rain, a downpour that minute

My hopes for being on time were depleted


The bride and her mother couldn’t go into the church

They sat in the car, windows up not to get wet

I arrived six minutes late fit to be tied

I ran up the stairs in my silver shoes you bet


Was walked down the aisle, the first mother now seated

Then the music was playing Here Comes The Bride

Her mother took her place across the aisle from me

I wanted to disappear but no place to hide


The church was very small and of course no AC

Her mom’s face was flushed from the heat it was sad

Then came the bridesmaids, all fresh and nice

The Bride came next on the arm of her dad


Her veil a bit wilted, but my son beamed with a smile

She held her head high, smiling at him

Vows were exchanged, now man and wife

Her Parents understanding my being tardy were slim


But it never was mentioned and no questions asked

Grooms father and I danced at the reception

A good time was had by all I believe

My conscience for not being punctual, only exception





This week’s challenge:write about your Dilbert experiences.

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