Punxsutawney Phil Was Right — or Wrong — or Who Cares? (Spring 3/20/2014)

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The challenge for Thursday March 20,2014 is to create a post about Spring.

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Oh, thank goodness it’s finally spring. I can now trade in my shorts, tank-top, and flip-flops for…

Wait, I’m still wearing shorts, tank-top, and flip-flops.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with SoCal seasons, let me point out that spring, summer, autumn, and winter have no real meaning for us.

We have Santa Ana season. That’s when the winds blow down from the high desert for three or four days at a time. They’re typically 20-30 mph with gusts to 60 or even as high as 100. I’m not sure of the actual “season” dates, but it’s somewhere between Sep. to Jan. and at least half of those days have some winds.

We have Rain season. Sorry, I had to stop typing so I could laugh at that one. SoCal, no matter what you’ve heard, is a desert. We have very little rain every year and February is normally our wettest month — meaning we get maybe two inches of rain. We also have a period of a week or so when temps are in the nineties, occasionally, into the low hundreds.

Then there’s Fire season (which usually coincides with Santa Ana season). For months after it “rains” there are weeds, grass, and brush growing like crazy until Jul. or Aug. when everything dies off. Sooner or later some idiot (or a lightning strike) will start a fire somewhere and the drought-like conditions, the Santa Ana winds, and the heat will result in thousands of acres being burned off leaving nothing but dirt with no ground cover to hold it in place.

Then the rains come around, wash out most of the Hollywood hills mansions and major portions of the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway), and people are on TV lamenting on their losses but swearing they’re going to rebuild (in the same place) as soon as they have their insurance settlement.

I know that goes a bit beyond discussing just spring but every few years we have a very dry Feb. (such as this year) and we have to brace ourselves for what’s going to happen later in the year — meaning drier weeds, more winds, more fires, and more mudslides.

That is spring in SoCal.

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