Puppeteer’s Pedophile Ring Leads to More Arrests

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A Florida puppeteer, Ronald Brown, who has entertained children for several years, was outed as a pedophile. He was arrested in late July, being charged with conspiring to kidnap a child and possession of child pornography. He had been openly plotting on a Yahoo! message board to kidnap children, toddlers being his preference, torture them, rape them, murder them, then “cook their body parts on a stove.” He told investigators that these plans were in the “realm of fantasy” and that he would never harm a child.

Does he really think that’s going to fly? “Oh sure, officer, I said I wanted to do terrible things to children, but I would never act on it.” Very convincing. However, many of the pictures in his possession depicted mostly young boys in severe pain, some even dead.

About a week after this pervert’s arrest, another pedophile was brought down: Geoffrey Portway, who had communicated via Internet with Brown. A week after that, Richard Dates was arrested, based on communications with Portway.

Operation Holitna, which was started to shut down this massive pedophilia ring, has brought down 46 suspects, 15 of them on the US. Bruce Foucart, special agent in charge of Homeland Security Investigations in Boston, where the operation began, said, “This operation just keeps branching off in so many different areas.” Foucart also confirmed that the investigation was growing, with new leads developing from every arrest.

Honestly, this is disgusting. What is wrong with these people? Nobody in their right mind could side with these monsters, thinking that their actions were okay. This is very simple. Adults don’t have sex with children. It is wrong. If you have thoughts about sexual relations with children, there is something wrong with you and you need to seek help. Do not act on these urges. It is wrong. No matter what it is in your head that lets you excuse this behavior, it is not okay. Ever. For any reason. Got it? Good.

That being said, excellent work by the Department of Homeland Security for nabbing these sickos. Keep it up, guys!

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