‘Puppy Bowl 2011′: Animal Planet’s Super Bowl (Video)

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Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl is an option to watching the Super Bowl on Sunday if you’re not a football fan. This annual event showcases the talent of the cute and cuddly companions of animal lovers.

What started out years ago as just filler to piggy back Super Bowl Sunday, the event has turned out to be a cult following.

Animal Planet’s popular show began with just a handful of viewers. Now, the show boasts nearly 9 million loyal viewers. Puppy Bowl 2011 is projected to capture an even larger audience this year.

The event is more than just a presentation of cutesy dogs or just a casual dog competition. Puppy Bowl 2011 is a concerted effort with Pedigree, Animal Planet, and a host of other sponsors to bring attention to the plight of puppy homelessness among dogs.

The event celebrated a milestone this year. Puppy Bowl has successfully caused 250 animals to be adopted by loving families.

The event is fun with the puppies simulating a football competition on a make-shift gridiron. For some, it’s just as exciting as the Super Bowl itself.

Meet this year’s Puppy Bowl 2011 starting lineup in the video, below.


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