Puppy Bowl 2013 Time: Live Online and TV Viewing Schedule

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It’s Puppy Bowl 2013 time, as everyone’s favorite furry friends will take to the gridiron on Super Bowl Sunday! This year’s game will be live streaming online and featured on Animal Planet, just hours before the big game between the 49ers and Ravens. They may not be going for a Lombardi Trophy, but this bowl features super cute puppies competing for under two hours in the Animal Planet Stadium.

Product DetailsTransition to the Super Bowl 2013 start time by watching to see if any dogs can score a touchdown. According to Washington Post the ninth edition of Puppy Bowl’s start time is at 3PM EST. The game is going to be televised on Animal Planet, which corresponds with channels on DISH Network and DirecTV for satellite service customers, and other channels for various cable services. The game should also be live streaming online over at the Animal Planet website, which currently boasts a live feed from inside the locker room here.

By the way, the Post reports that there’s a lot more to this game than just some cute competitors on the field. They note during their behind-the-scenes look at the Puppy Bowl there were all sorts of incidents which probably won’t be seen in today’s coverage. That included “anxious hovering of hedgehog parents, performance-enhancing drugs (read: catnip) administered to the kitties.” There was also a woman whose duty was solely to “clean up” on the field after any messes. Those won’t be seen on TV.

For viewers who want complete Puppy Bowl 2013 coverage, check out the Animal Planet website’s official Puppy Bowl section. There’s player lineups complete with pictures, inside stories and videos all about today’s other “big game.” So get ready for some football, with canine competitors, as a pre-cursor to Super Bowl XLVII!

Will you be watching the Puppy Bowl today before the Super Bowl?

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