‘Puppy Doe’ Becomes A Catalyst To Find Demonic Animal Abuser In Quincy

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Puppy Doe suffered so much in her short little life. The brown and white pitbull, who was offered for free on Craigslist, was found in Quincy, Massachusetts half-dead.

The poor dog, who suffered some of the worst abuse animal rescue workers have ever seen, sadly could not be saved. With injuries that included broken bones, a split tongue, burn marks and stab wounds, the frail dog had to be euthanized.

“They’re a freak, a total freak,” Dr. Martha Smith-Blackmore said. She performed an autopsy on the dog and was shocked by the level of abuse. “Splitting her tongue, burning her nose, stabbing her eye, it’s the totality of the types of injuries. Not only was she beaten, she was stabbed [and] she was burned. It’s all kinds of injures. It’s a sick mind that can do this to an animal.”

It’s an absolutely heart-breaking story and gives warrant to those who say you should never (ever!) give your dog away for free on Craigslist.

Sadly, Puppy Doe had to suffer because her former owners weren’t thinking when they gave her away.

Now, justice for this poor soul is being sought with the reward amount reaching $15,000.

“We need anyone who knows who owned and abused this dog to contact authorities,” District Attorney Morrissey said. “The injuries cataloged in the post-mortem examination are grotesque and indicate consistent starvation and abuse over an extended period of time. It is highly unlikely that this level of sadistic cruelty could be shown to one animal and not be part of a pattern involving other animals or perhaps vulnerable people. We need to find the person who did this and see what else they are doing.”

If you have information about Puppy Doe call The Animal Rescue League at 617-226-5610 or Quincy Police Det. Thomas Pepdjonovich at 617-745-5774.

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