Purple Drank – The new brand of “drug” in southern hip hop communities! – (Jolly Rancher Cough Syrup Codeine Drink ) (VIDEO)

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When will the fight on drugs end? The new brand of “drug” is called, Purple Drank, it is a codeine drink made with jolly rancher candy, prescription cough syrup and soda like that of 7up and such. Read about it here!

Purple Drank is reportedly popular among hip hop communities in the South. Purple Drank is an opiate derived mainly from cough syrup properties. Seriously, give it a year or two and something will replace Purple Drank. I think this is the least of our worries but it is scary none-the-less these days, drugs are so easy to make and searching for that high is not too far off.

I hope they pull the drink because if it can cause respiratory depression, this I read, can cause “potential”, “fatal” consequences if you overdose on Purple Drank.

We do NOT need more people dying, put a stop to it now! There is even video on YouTube on how to make this “Purple Drank”.

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