Purple Google, Green Google, Ghetto Google, Goth Google and More!

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Purple Google, Green Google, Ghetto Google and Goth Google give searchers a rainbow of possibilities.  I just discovered Ghetto Google Gizoogle and now find out there are other options.  Purple Google, Green Google and Goth Google offer their own unique-looking search platforms.

I enjoyed visiting Ghetto Google Gizoogle where “beotches” find “shiznit”.  Ghetto Google will turn your My Space or blog page into jive.  What’s the deal with Purple Google, Green Google and Goth Google?

Purple Google is powered by Google for Next Step Media.  The Purple Google search page appears in all purple for the purple people eaters and lavender lovers of the world.  Called Purpoogle, you can search in your fave color at Purple Google.

Green Google is now called Green Search and is powered by Google.  Go green when you search at Green Google.  Other options include Pink Google, Yellow Google, Blue Google, Orange Google, Red Google, Rainbow Google and Dark Google.

Goth Google appears at GooGoth with a search click option for “I’m Feeling Depressed”.  Take at walk on the dark side at Goth Google.

Which Google do you like best?  Here’s a YouTube video of one of my favorite old songs with Purple Google in mind…”One Eyed, One Horned, Flying Purple People Eater”:


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