Putting the Missing Iowa Cousins to Rest

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The remains of missing Iowa girls Elizabeth Collins and Lyric Cook have been located, and Black Hawk County Sheriff Tony Thompson says that this is a break in the case that could lead to finding the killer. Of course, it’s already been reported that officials are aware that the Seven Bridges area isn’t the primary crime scene—so maybe officials already have their eyes in the right direction. In the meantime, it’s time to put these two slain children to rest, so their loved ones can finally have some kind of peace.

On Thursday a memorial service will be held for Elizabeth Collins. The eight-year-old girl’s parents had planned the event originally to observe the five-month-mark of her and Lyric Cook’s disappearances. However, in light of the discovery of their remains, this event has been changed to a memorial of sorts to “celebrate the life of Elizabeth Collins.” No word yet on when (or if) Lyric Cook is going to have her own event of this nature—nor are there any updates on when these two girls will get funerals. What is certain though, after nearly five months of being gone, it’s time to put these two missing Iowa cousins to rest.

And it’s time to focus on finding their killer(s).

And as Sheriff Tony Thompson said, the discovery of the two girls’ remains may just lead to that conclusion. With proper application of forensic science, detectives may find the suspect(s) in this sad death in no time. Though it could take years. Knowing that where their bodies were found isn’t the primary crime scene opens up the door to many possibilities. Finding the primary crime scene—i.e., the scene of the murders—will only further benefit in solving this case.

Do you think someone who knew these two girls killed them? Or do you think this was the result of a random predator?

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