Q&A: Ask Kerri Miller and Sasha Aslanian a question about Survival in the Serengeti

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It is your turn to ask journalists about their experience getting the story.  From Survival in the Serengeti‘s (updated link) documentary description:

In the summer of 2007, MPR’s Kerri Miller and American RadioWorks’ Sasha Aslanian joined forces to produce a documentary about the conflict between humans and wildlife in East Africa. They profiled U of M researcher Craig Packer, a man who has headed the Serengeti Lion Project for the past 30 years. Packer recently shifted his focus from lions to humans-specifically human poverty, which he sees as the greatest threat to Africa’s wild places. 

Post your questions about this documentary for Kerri Miller and Sasha Aslanian here in the comments. We’ll publish their answers!

Head to Survival in the Serengeti to download and listen to the coverage or read more about the story.

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