Queen Elizabeth Hated Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress?

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The wedding of England’s Prince William to his longtime girlfriend, Kate Middleton, captivated the world. Many people traveled to London for the chance of just a glimpse of the happy couple and all the pageantry of a royal wedding. Kate’s, or the Duchess of Cambridge, wedding dress is now on display at Buckingham Palace, but Will’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, isn’t a fan of the display.

According to Radar Online, the Queen was overheard calling the show, “horrid” and “creepy” while touring the display at Buckingham Palace. Not only does it feature Kate’s wedding dress, it also has the tiara and shoes she wore—pretty much everything except the royal undergarments.

The monarch may not be a fan of the display, but there’s no doubt that the exhibit is raking in the dough for the royals. Tourists have flocked to the palace to see the royal wedding dress in person. Though the dress was worn by someone marrying into royalty, isn’t it just a dress? If the wedding dress was an ancient object just discovered, it might be a bit more impressive.

The royal family on the balcony (cropped)

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