Queen Elizabeth Hospitalized for Bad Gas

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Queen Elizabeth is in a London hospital and is being treated for gastroenteritis. SNL will have a field day with this next weekend, as they’ll likely parody her hospitalization for gas.

Queen ElizabethAccording to a report from NBC News, the queen, who is 86, was admitted to the King Edward VII Hospital, which is a private medical facility.

Buckingham Palace confirms the queen was suffering from symptoms of gastroenteritis, which include ‘some combination of diarrhea, vomiting and abdominal pain and cramping.’ In other words, the queen has really uncomfortable bad gas.

Unfortunately all activities the queen had planned for this coming week have been either canceled or postponed. This includes a trip to Italy where she was to visit with President Giorgio Napolitano.

Hopefully the queen hasn’t been near Kate Middleton in the days leading up to her bout with gas. If the Duchess of Cambridge gets the illness it could be serious for her unborn child. Gastroenteritis typically leads to severe dehydration, which is unhealthy for both mother and child.

Buckingham Palace will surely keep people apprised of Queen Elizabeth’s state of health and when she is released from the hospital.

So who do you think will play the gassy queen on SNL? Bobby Moynihan would make an exceptional choice, don’t you think? Not even the Queen of England is immune to the indignities the late night comedy show engages in. You must admit it will be one hilarious skit if the writers go with it!

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