Queen Elizabeth II Caught in Odd Picture Wearing a Hoodie

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The royal family can’t stay out of the news lately. On Tuesday, a new picture of Queen Elizabeth II hit the internet and people can’t stop talking about the clothes she had on in the new shot. In this new picture on Us Magazine, the Queen is sitting in her Range Rover and wearing a hoodie pulled up to cover her head. She is driving herself around and doesn’t even have a chauffeur for the day.

This grandmother is usually photographed looking amazing in a dress and if she has on any kind of hat it is fancy. A picture of Queen Elizabeth II in a hoodie is something that has not been seen in the news before. She had been out shooting so the outfit made sense for her situation. It is nice to see the royal family having a normal day out without a scandal involved. This has to be refreshing for the family.

Prince Harry has been in the news a lot lately because of his wild times in Las Vegas. Recent reports say that cocaine was in the hotel room he was hanging out in during the trip. The Queen has not said a word about her grandson’s wild side.

What do you think of the Queen’s new outfit? Do you agree it is nice to see her out acting like a normal person?

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