Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip travel the world, one nation at a time [video]

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Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip have been traveling the world, one nation at a time.

This past month the British Royals, 84 and 89 respectively, were in Canada, with a short stop in the US to visit Ground Zero. The Queen of England also addressed the United Nations Assembly with what could become her most historical speech given in the US. (See the YouTube video of the entire eight-minute address below).

Now back in London at home, many media outlets, including Zee News, are saying that after Ramandan ends on or around September 10, the Royal couple will be off to Oman and the UAE to visit the respective leaders of those two countries.

How these octogenarians have the energy to do so much traveling is beyond me. Even someone half their age would not be able to keep up that pace. No matter how many happen to be in the Royal entourage, at the end of the day you have to do the traveling yourself.

With that said, what do you think of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip as these elder Royals travel the world, one nation at a time? Thoughts? Thanks.



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