Queen Elizabeth Joins Facebook, but You Can’t “Friend” the Queen

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In just one more of various absurdities coming from Buckingham Palace, Queen Elizabeth has joined Facebook, and she already boasts more than 60,000 hits. And in typical royalty fashion, no one can actually “friend” the queen.

According to Canada.com, “The British monarchy’s Facebook page does not allow users to “friend” the Queen or to send her messages, but offers updates on royal news and diary events.”

Well, la-de-da and put your pinky out while you slurp your tea! The queen is on Facebook but she doesn’t want friends or messages. Why on earth is she there then?

It seems the royal family wants their subjects to believe that the royals actually sit down and play online on sites like Facebook. However, the likelihood of that happening are about the same odds as Camilla Parker Bowles becoming attractive. The queen’s Facebook page is apparently up and running so that people can stay apprised of royal happenings.

Apparently no one should be too awfully surprised about Queen Elizabeth’s Facebook presence….and the term “presence” is used quite loosely. The queen doesn’t even post a relationship status or even any interests. And lo and behold, she doesn’t post her political views. (Is there a political affiliation called “Stuffy?”) Facebook isn’t the queen’s first foray into internet communications. In fact she posted a video to YouTube in 2008, after paying a visit to the Google offices, and a Twitter account was set up in 2009.

Will you be checking out Queen Elizabeth’s Facebook page? It sounds like about as much fun as taking tea with Prince Charles.


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