Queen Elizabeth Thinks Kate Middleton Is Lazy, Vain!

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While Kate Middleton was still dating Prince William, Queen Elizabeth II was reportedly concerned that she didn’t have a “real” job and was simply waiting around for a proposal. And now that Kate and William are married, the Queen is even more frustrated that she has yet to become a full-time working royal.

According to In Touch (via Celebitchy.com), the Queen has been complaining about Kate’s “laziness,” and the Duchess of Cambridge “is now known in the royal inner circle as Duchess of Dolittle!”

Among the Queen’s complaints about Kate?

First off, the Queen thinks the famously “work-shy” Kate “doesn’t get out enough. “In less than a year, Kate has made 35 appearances at charity events,” In Touch reports, “but that’s nothing to the Queen, who recalls Princess Diana’s superhuman efforts as a new royal—170 engagements in a year!” No one wants a repeat of the Diana situation, where the inexperienced 20-year-old was thrown into full-time royal work with no training or preparation. But Kate, who is now 30, has received “princess training” since marrying William, so she’s not totally unprepared. However, 35 appearances in a year is not enough, especially when you consider the 85-year-old Queen “maintains a full schedule of events.” Plus, Kate has spent practically more time vacationing than working since the wedding. And if Kate’s laziness is so bad it’s making the Queen think fondly of Diana, of all people, that really says something!

The Queen also thinks Kate is “much too vain,” because she spends “four to five hours getting her hair cut and styled,” and “she spends too much money,” because it sends the wrong message when she carries expensive bags and wears expensive clothing “during her few charitable outings.” Kate’s appearance is obviously heavily scrutinized, so it’s completely understandable that she feels “tremendous pressure to look her best.” But if she wants to be perceived as something more than just a spoiled socialite, she should definitely spend more time working than she does shopping and getting her hair done.

And finally, the Queen questions Kate’s intelligence because the Duchess, who majored in art history, “raised royal eyebrows” after asking a dumb question about Faberge eggs once (oh, the horror!). However, In Touch helpfully points out that Kate will still be the first queen consort to have graduated college.

Is there any truth to this? In Touch has reported numerous times that Kate is pregnant, which obviously hasn’t happened yet. And if “royal sources” were going to talk to any American tabloid, it probably wouldn’t be In Touch. But the mag has previously gotten a few details right about Kate and William, such as their honeymoon destination and the Queen’s wedding gift to them. So it might be right this time—especially since the Queen’s disapproval of Kate’s laziness has been reported before, and because a few reports have surfaced in the British media claiming the Palace is frustrated she hasn’t done more.

What do you think? Is Kate Middleton lazy and vain? Does the Queen have a legitimate complaint? Sound off in the comments!

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