Queen & Great Grandma to be

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Queen Elizabeth II is going to be a Great Grandmother for the first time at the age of 84. Buckingham Palace announced on Friday that Peter Phillips’, son of the queen’s daughter Princess Anne and 11TH in line to the throne is pregnant and due in December.

The couple were married at Windsor Castle. I got so excited when I read this. I thought Kate Middleton was pregnant. There had been rumors about Kate Middleton’s pregnancy, but they were untrue. The world awaits the announcement of the engagement of Kate Middleton to Prince William as that great grandchildren to the Queen would be directly in line to the throne.

This baby however is special because he or she will be Queen Elizabeth’s first great grandchild, and anytime a royal is born, he or she has the possibility of continuing the royal lineage. As any announcement of a new baby is thrilling, for the Queen of England this has to be a special thrill.

Congratulations to Peter Phillips and Autumn Phillips who now live in Hong Kong.


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