Queen Of The Darkness – Wednesday Writing Essentials – WWE – Cats

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Silently she is posed in the doorway. Her ears are perked up as her tail swishes silently from side to side. She listens intently for any sound and looks for any movement. Looking thru the legs of the table and chairs she can see to the other side of the kitchen. Not a sound is heard, not a movement in sight.

Suddenly the sound of a door opening comes from up the stairs.

As fast as lightening, yet as silently as the wind she flies across the kitchen floor to peer up the banister. Master is going into the small room with water.

She slinks up the stairs watching for any other movement. Reaching the top step, she cocks her head intentively listening at the sounds coming from that small room that Master is in. He comes out and as he passes her, he reaches down and lets his hand run over her head, down her back and gently squeezes her tail before releasing it.

She can’t help it as her back arches and a small purr escapes her lips.

Master closes the door to his room and she takes a moment to look around. No movement is seen, and after a minute, no more sounds is heard. As silently as she crept up the stairs, she makes her way back down, pausing on the bottom step. Twisting her head sideways, she peers around the banister and gazes intently the kitchen table.

“Off limits,” passes thru her mind.

Silently she continues padding thru the kitchen, pausing near the stove to listen again. No sounds invade her sensitive ears except the ticking of the clock. No movement of any kind is detected by her watchful eyes. Making the full circuit she silently slips into the living room once more, pausing only long enough to take a couple of laps of water.

Her spot near the fireplace smells the same as it did when she left. Sitting on her haunches, she listens intently to the sounds of the house once more. Lifting her nose gently, she sniffs the air. Satisfied, she lays down on her bed and closes her eyes and purrs contentedly. All is well in her Kingdom.

By: Vicki Lynn



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