Question to Prove It group: What's the connection between Rumsfeld and Saddam Hussein?

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The photo of Donald Rumsfeld shaking hands with Saddam Hussein has had wide distribution, but in of itself it's just a photo of two persons shaking hands.

I've been out searching for more details on the meeting(s) between the two and all I see are allegations – disturbing allegations it's true, but no one seems to have interest or ability to back them up.

In particular, I'd like documentation that Rumsfeld assisted Hussein in acquiring the chemicals he needed to gas his own people.  "It's well known" is not documentation.  "Proof is in the book _____" isn't much help either.   I'm curious, not obsessed.

So, I'll recap my first question to the Prove It group: "Did Rumsfeld help Saddam Hussein gas his own people, and if not what documentation is out there that would enlighten us on the purpose of contact between the two?"


The group Prove It! exists as a place to go for help in acquiring documentation of an assertion.  It's my hope that this will encourage persons to get some proof before saying something is so.

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