Questionable Results From Tea Party Survey

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It looks like the tea party movement has finally hit the big time as sociologists have undertaken a study of its members. And unsurprisingly the study concludes the movement is irrelevant, but then what else should we expect from the elites who run our universities.

Sociologists at Vanderbilt University and the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill conducted a survey of 2500 registered voters in North Carolina and have concluded tea partiers are Republicans with a touch of libertarianism thrown in. The study concludes that members of the party all share four major traits – authoritarianism, libertarianism, fear of change and anti-immigrant sentiment. Without the questions available, it is difficult to decide if this is indeed the case. Depending on questions asked and the way asked, it can be very easy to skew the results of any survey to develop conclusions which the authors which to convey.

For example the survey concludes that supporters are anti-immigration.

18 percent of Tea Party supporters feel “very negatively” toward immigrants, compared with 12 percent of non-Tea Party supporters – Vanderbilt

Without the question available, we do not know if the question asked about all immigrants or illegal immigrants, a significant difference. Tea supporters have no problem with anyone who immigrated legally to this country, but the key word is legally.

The survey also concludes supporters have a “fear of change” stating:

51 percent of Tea Party supporters considered themselves “very concerned about changes taking place in American society these days,” compared with 21 percent of non-Tea Party supporters – Vanderbilt

The tea party has made no secret that they are concerned about changes taking place, because they believe these changes are taking away our individual freedoms, a core principle of the movement. Characterizing this as a “fear of change” while technically correct, it is the fear of negative changes which is the concern, not all change as these findings lead us to believe.

It is no secret members of the elitist academia are against the movement agenda and take every opportunity to discredit it and this survey is just the latest attempt. The movement is a threat to the progressive agenda, one in which the few who consider themselves intellectually superior rule and make the others subservient to them. They continue to prove their theories by manipulating facts to suit their needs and then use these results to discredit their detractors.

The tea party is not going away anytime soon, in fact the true believers in the movement are becoming stronger and more resolved than ever in making America great once again.

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