Questions about President Obama’s Social Security Number

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Why President Obama’s social securtiy number from the state of Connecticut when he has never lived in Connectibut but claims to be from Hawaii?  This is the question of the day.  Some may make light of it, but if as he has claimed, there should be an open and free society, I want to know.  So?

The numbers of the beginning of his social security number are that of Connecticut, but he has never lived in Connecticut.  Obama promised complete disclosure and transparency, yet, when we ask questions, we get no answers.

The number also was only recorded a couple of years after he started to work.  Now, I’m not a birther.  I don’t or didn’t think much of the birth certificate arguement, but I have to be honest, I’m beginning to wonder here. Also, according to my source, the number was used before by a dead guy prior to 1986.  So, President Obama or somebody explain to me why or how this happened.

THis may be nothing like the birth certificate and now the social security number, but why do people in Kenya hail Obama as their long lost son?

Something stinks here, and if as he promised he would be open and forth coming, then, please, answer this question.  Why is your social security number recycled, and from a state you never lived in, Mr. President.






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