Quick And Easy April Fools’ Pranks – Harmless Jokes for Your Family and Friends

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Uh-oh, tomorrow is April 1st and you haven’t come up with any good April Fools’ pranks to play on your buddies, mom or kids! Here are some of my favorites that require little to no preparation:

1. The Classic Sprayer:  All you need is a sink with the dish sprayer attachment (the thing you use for rinsing dishes) and a rubber band.  With the water turned off, secure the sprayer in the on position with the rubber band – just wrap it around until it’s tight enough to hold the lever down.  Aim the sprayer straight ahead and -voila! the next person to turn the water on gets sprayed!  Just be sure to remember it’s there, or you’ll prank yourself!

2. Salt in Sugar Bowl – this will wreck a cup of tea or coffee, so don’t do this one if your intended victim uses the expensive gourmet stuff.  Just dump the sugar from your sugar bowl into another container, replace it with salt and invite a friend to have a cup of joe. 

3. Changing clocks – This is a classic for the office, but works well at home, too. When a coworker leaves his/her desk, set the clocks (computer, desk, wall) an hour ahead or behind.  If you set them behind, you might get an extra hour of work out of the victim!  At home, set the clocks on one or room a 1/2 hour ahead, the other room/floor 1/2 hour behind!  The person loses or gains an hour as they move around the house!

4. Toothpaste Deodorant – spread a thin layer of white toothpaste on the top of a family member’s deodorant, and watch them lather up.

5. Hidden Alarm – set an alarm clock for a random time and hide it in a room or office.  Setting it for 3 am can be funny, unless it’s going to wake you up, too.

6. Cupboard surprise – Exchange the contents of a frequently used cupboard for a large, toothy-lookin stuffed animal.  Works especially well in a less well lit area.

7. Sneaky Mouse – Best for the office, get a spare mouse – USB or wireless and attach it to your victim’s computer when they are up from their desk.  hide the cord and run it back to your desk, while they are working, randomly move their cursor.

8. Bad Weather Jokes – if it’s chilly, pin the sleeves on jackets closed and watch when they try to slip them on.  If it’s raining, walk by the umbrellas and sneakily slip confetti into the closed umbrella.  When they open it, they’ll get a brief “shower”.

9. Buggy Food – Carefully open a cereal box and slip a few plastic bugs on top of the food.  Reglue it and return it to the shelf.  Set it out for breakfast.

Don’t forget to be on alert yourself.  Oh – and one more classic – do a harmless prank to yourself, tell someone that you know it was him/her and you already did something to get even.  Be mysterious and give a cryptic warning, like “I’d sure be careful around the water fountain, if I were you.”  or “Don’t use the wrong fork at lunch!” Let them stew over it all day!



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