Quit Facebook Day is May 31: What are you going to do?

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At the time if this post, the site QuitFacebookDay.com boasted 5,098 Facebookers committed to quitting the social network site on May 31.  The mass exodus is the result of growing concern over the site’s privacy policies.  The recent addition of Open Graph enables outside websites to access personal information and target Facebookers for advertisements.

QuitFacebookDay.com likens quitting Facebook to quitting smoking.  I have quit both and I gotta say I haven’t missed Facebook.  I still have an active profile on Facebook, but only check in occasionally.  For me, Facebook lost it’s magic the day I started getting request to plow the back 40 or “whack” the guy next door.  Why was leaving Facebook so easy for me?  I found Gather.com; it’s that simple.  The “friends” I have at Gather.com are not people I share a past with.  They are people who share my interests and my passion for writing.  Here I find support and encouragement.  I get insight and strength from the Gather community as friends share their triumphs and frustrations.  I enjoyed catching up with the old gang on Facebook, but I prefer the adult exchange of ideas about the real world to the exchange of cows and crops in the virtual world.

Will I officially delete my Facebook account?  Probably not.  But either way, I have no plan to change my day to day activities.  Day in and day out you will find me at Gather.


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