Rabbits eating cars?

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Although rabbits are known for preferring to feast on carrots and other vegetables, apparently they’ll snack on just about anything when they’re hungry. Fox News reports that bunnies have been chowing down on parked cars at the Denver International Airport in Colorado. Said to be living near the airport, the furry critters are crawling underneath the parked cars and gnawing away at break lines and wiring.

These meals have turned out to be quite expensive, especially considering they’re far from gourmet. These damages to the vehicles can actually cost thousands of dollars to repair. The worst part is, the hares are dining while the car owners are picking up the bill.

It’s hard to believe that something so little and cute could cause so much trouble. The owners of these damaged vehicles will probably never look at a bunny quite the same way.

According to CBS News, “United States Department of Agriculture Wildlife Services agents patrol the parking lots and remove rabbits when they see them”.

It appears that this is a relatively minor problem for the airport. Only a small percentage of people have complained, so far. Methods used to deter rabbits include extra fencing and the use of coyote urine.

If only it were possible to reason with a rabbit, someone could tell them to stop making such pigs of themselves.

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