Rabies on the rise in Oklahoma!

Rabies are on the rise in Oklahoma, and probably elsewhere. Due to the mild winter there is an increase in wild animals. Humans are susceptable to rabies, and it is deadly in humans.

If you come in contact with an animal with rabies, it doesn’t even have to bite you. You can contact the disease through saliva. So here’s what to look for in an animal.

If you see aggressive behavior or the animal walks like it may be partially paralyzed those the signs. I knew about the aggressive behavior but not about the paralysis. So be sure to get your pets vaccinated, and warn your family about the warning signs of rabies.

Oklahoma has already had 35 cases of rabies, and last year we had 61 all year. So the rise in numbers is alarming. Of course you could do what I do, and stay indoors! I heard that skunks and bats are particular carriers of the disease rabies.

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