‘Rachael Ray’ Show: Kelly Ripa & Hubby Name Favorite Child! Joking or Serious?

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Kelly Ripa and her hunk of husband Mark Consuelos readily admitted on the Rachael Ray show that they favor one of their three children more than the other two. Now everyone knows that Kelly Ripa is quite outspoken, but this is unreal. Was she joking? Surely!

Rachael Ray began the interview by asking if Kelly Ripa and her husband, Mark, have a favorite child. They quickly and enthusiastically admitted that they do have a favorite child. Seriously?

With Ray giggling, Ripa boldly claimed, “I love all my children the same.” However, she admitted that she prefers one child over the others. While the audience laughed, Ripa replied, “And by the way…you guys all have favorite kids, too. You may not admit it out loud … but you know in the event of emergency, there’s one kid you’d reach for first.”

Reach for first? Like in the event of a tragedy? This would be every parent’s worst nightmare…to choose one child over the others. Most parents would readily disagree with Kelly Ripa’s statement that most parents favor a certain child.

And even if a parent favors a child, it is downright stupid to admit it. Their children will see that clip one day, and they will resent their parents’ nonchalant statements. Ripa and Consuelos think they are being funny, but they will reap the consequences one day for hurting their other two children by statements such as these.

Rachael Ray asked if they would name the “favorite child.” And Ripa and her husband did! They quickly admitted that their youngest child, Joaquin is their favorite child. Wow!

And Consuelos stated, “He’s just nicer to us. And the other kids know it as well. It’s very accepted.” Accepted? Nope! Don’t believe it for one minute. Your children are hurt and damaged over dumb statements like this.

The two older children, Michael and Lola, will undoubtedly confront mom and dad about these “favorite child” statements one day. Just wait!

Do you agree with Kelly Ripa and her husband about having a favorite child? And even if you do, would you say it out loud? Do you think Ripa was teasing or was she serious?

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