‘Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-off’ Week 2 Recap

For week two of the Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-off, the Food Network stars mentored their teams through a dessert challenge. Vying for $50,000 for their favorite charities were actor, Lou Diamond Phillips; singer, Taylor Dane and Olympian Summer Sanders on Rachael’s team. On Guy’s team were Miss USA, Alyssa Campanella; rapper, Coolio; TV show host, Joey Fatone and comedian Cheech Marin.

Rachael’s team entered this week’s competition one man down after losing last week’s challenge. This week her contestant had to prepare a dessert of their own and work one together.

To make the challenge more difficult, each team had to include as least one savory ingredient. Rachael chose it for Guy’s team and vice versa. She went for horseradish while Guy picked anchovies.

Guy made Alyssa captain since she seemed excited about the challenge. Rachael went with Summer.

The teams had 30 minutes to compose menus. Alyssa chose to make raspberry perfideroles with chocolate. Coolio decided to prepare his grandmother’s famous lemon cake. Cheech opted for poached pears. Joey dealt with the anchovies. He chose to use them in a cannoli.

On Summer’s team, Lou went for a lemon puffed pastry. Taylor decided to make strawberry shortcake with balsamic and basil. Summer opted for a spicy fudge made with bacon and chilli.

Despite claiming she knew desserts, Alyssa got off to a rocky start with thin perfiderole. She tried adding flour to no avail and then asked Colio how to thicken it. He suggested adding butter, which worked.

Coolio had the same problem with his cake batter. Butter quickly solved it too. Then the cake wouldn’t cook, forcing him to turn the oven temperature up.

Joey struggled with adding wasabi horseradish to two cheeses for his cannoli. In the end, the results were satisfactory.

The other team struggled too. Lou discovered his frozen puff pastry needed more time to defrost than he had. So he forced them in the oven. Then his oven got turned off, making him increase the temperature to get the pastry done on time.

Summer turned to Lou for help with the cannoli. Together, the two of them made it work.

To judge the prepared dishes, Rachael and Guy brought in 13 graduating baking students. Overall, they liked the prepared desserts; with rare exception. Some felt Lou’s lemon pastries were too tart. Others felt Alyssa’s perfideroles were too sweet. One called Coolio’s cake too moist, but another said he was in “pudding cake heaven.” Another judge felt Joey’s cannoli was “too much” with the spicy wasabi and the tart goat cheese. One wanted more chilli in Summer’s fudge.

After tallying all the scores, the teams tied 26 to 26. That meant team captains, Alyssa and Summer, would face-off for elimination. Instructions were to make a salad with a myriad of ingredients to choose from. They had to include at least one cooked ingredient.

Alyssa went for mushrooms, which she cooked to perfection. Summer opted for salmon, but underestimated the timing. Parts of her fish remained uncooked when the 10 minutes allowed were over.

Alyssa’s plating was creative. Still, Rachael and Guy felt she should have added more ingredients and made a more inventive salad dressing. However, they loved all the ingredients used by Summer, calling it a “bounty” for the eyes as well as the palette.

In the end, Alyssa lost the challenge and got eliminated. Now the teams are even again at three contestants each.

Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-off continues next Sunday night, 9:00 p.m. on Food Network.

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