Rachel Uchitel Signs with Celebrity Rehab, Trump Fires Her

Rachel Uchitel was all set to appear on The Celebrity Apprentice when another offer came her way.  She has signed to appear on Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew.  She won’t be able to do both.  Trump’s organization decided it wasn’t going to work.  They said “We no longer have interest in Rachel.” Another Trump spokesperson said “Rachel Uchitel very much wanted to be on Celebrity Apprentice. She asked us, we did not ask her.  We were considering it but have 10 people vying for each and every spot.”  Unlike Tiger Woods, she had trouble making the cut.

According to TMZ, it was (Dr. Drew) Pinsky’s personal magnetism that sealed the deal.  “… she only agreed to the meeting because she says she has a mad crush on him.”  Others in Uchitel’s group include Jeremy London, Jason Wahler, Leif Garrett, and Janice Dickinson.

Those who haven’t paid close attention to the ebb and flow of celebrity gossip might not realize that Rachel Uchitel achieved her celebrity status by being the first of Tiger Woods’ mistresses to tell all to the media and anyone else with the ability to pay.  The celebrity names in Uchitel’s rehab class include no one with a claim to celebrity status greater than hers.

The sub-genre of reality TV involving celebrities has a large appetite and shallow pockets.  As a result the celebrities tend to be either somewhat shopworn or young and marginal.  It’s true that mistresses of the rich and famous have been celebrities since the dawn of civilization.  The Athenian courtesan Aspasia, a strong and intelligent woman in her own right, was most famous for being Pericles’ mistress.  The Byzantine emperor Justinian married Theodora, the daughter of circus performers.  Actress Nell Gwyn was famous for her long term association with Charles II of England.  Madame Pompadour was the long time maitresse-en-titre of  Louis XV. Most Americans remember Monica Lewinsky and some even remember Rielle Hunter.

These days the pervasiveness of mass media has brought on a sort of celebrity inflation.  Celebrity journalism requires subjects.  There’s not enough to fill the space available so the media manufacture them as needed.  Gresham’s Law prevails once again.  Andy Warhol was wrong.  In the future everyone will be famous for less than five minutes.


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