Racism in American Politics: Why Double Standards are Acceptable

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Everyone knows there is a problem with racism in the United States. It’s universal knowledge. In fact, other modern countries make jokes about it. It just takes a quick Google search to see that Europeans find Americans quite racist, and they’re absolutely right. There are countless polls being published that indicate findings of rampant bigotry in the United States, especially among fringe political groups and members of large political affiliations. In particular, tea party followers/supporters tend to express more racism than other groups in the United States, whereas liberals tend to be called “bleeding hearts” about the whole thing. That’s not the point being made this time, however.

The point, this time, is whether or not it’s acceptable for there to be double standards in politics concerning racism. Just like bigotry itself, double standards exist and are well-known. As this article points out, liberals don’t often want to admit it, but there are different standards considered in racial issues. Yes, you read that right; there are double standards concerning what’s racist and what’s not in the world of politics. So why is it acceptable?

For starters, whites have never known the persecution that African-Americans have known. Whites were never brought over here on boats like livestock, bred like draught horses, forced to work in fields and made to live like beings that are less than human. Indeed, whites were never referred to as “2/3 of a person,” in the United States Constitution and they were certainly never arrested for drinking out of the wrong drinking fountain or using the wrong restroom.

If they had, things would be a lot different than they are today, right?

Yes, there are double standards. To see white conservative Americans complain that there are “black” interest groups in support of President Barack Obama, just further shows their inherent prejudice. It only reveals their blatant disregard for the past couple hundred years of how blacks have been treated. It shows their utter insensitivity to the fact that this very culture was created by the likes of “conservative” minded politics in the first place. It certainly would be insulting to see a “whites for Mitt Romney” type of group, because it would indicate a disrespect for the minority culture that they created. Do you get the point?

Yet that doesn’t stop the bigotry. It doesn’t stop the blatantly bigoted comments made by far right political pundits and conservative politicians. Jimmy Carter acknowledged that criticism of POTUS Obama indicates the inherent feeling in America that people don’t want a black man to be president, and he’s most likely right when there are people like the birther movement who insist that he is a Kenyan born communist, even in the face of his long form birth certificate. Then there are people like this moron who sent racist emails about the president. As long as bigots like this exist in the United States, there will most certainly be these double standards in politics — and they are more than acceptable because of the racist culture on which this country is founded.

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