Racist Whack Job Erica Winchester Speaks to African American Mailman Like It’s 1860 (Viral Video)

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Video of an ornery middle-aged woman violently berating an African American mailman with ignorant racial slurs has officially gone viral.  All because he wouldn’t return her certified letter after she signed for it.

And after watching how unbelievably racist this woman was, as well as learning about the aftermath of the video (she actually got the mailman fired), message boards all over the internet did some dirty work to hunt this crazy Hingham, Mass resident down.

The racist woman in question has been identified as Erica Winchester, according to Gawker.  Apparently Winchester has a history of unlawful behavior.

She was arrested for a DUI after crashing her Volvo into a street sign in 2005, and threatened bystanders at the local Hingham armory that “anyone who wrongs her would get it with a machine gun” back in 2007.

If you haven’t seen the original racist mailman harasser video of Erica Winchester, then prepare to have your ignorance meter blown.  She speaks to this mailman like it’s still the 1860’s, and even slaps him at one point. Take a gander here.

It seems Winchester is well known by other Hingham residents as the “local nut.”

“I went into that lunatic’s house to give a painting estimate,” said one man. “I told her then and I will say it again she needs to get her meds checked. Out of her mind whack job.

As for the assaulted postman, he was actually fired a year or so ago for poor performance.  It’s still unknown how much the Winchester incident had to do with his firing.

Even more surprising is the fact that this postman didn’t pop Winchester in the mouth at any point during her insane rant.  He shouldn’t have been fired, if anything he should’ve gotten a promotion for showing almost incomprehensible professional restraint.

Photo courtesy of Gawker.com.

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