Racist Wife May Have Ruined Senator’s Career

North Carolina appears to be dealing with a racist ballot initiative that was already bigoted in the first place. Jodie Brunstetter, the wife of prominent state senator Peter Brunstetter, revealed the racial undertones of her hubby’s initiative and it’s not pretty. Naturally, like most politicians do, Peter is backpedaling for his wife and trying to do damage control, but guess what: The damage has already been done.

At the Forsyth County Government Center in Winston-Salem, Jodie Brunstetter made some downright racist comments in regards to Senator Peter Brunstetter’s anti-gay amendment:

“The reason my husband wrote Amendment 1 was because the Caucasian race is diminishing and we need to uh, reproduce.”

Wow. Just wow. It’s almost unbelievable to hear someone say such a horribly bigoted thing publicly and without any qualms. Naturally her husband is trying to do damage control and this source shares all the details. In the below video a witness says on camera that the wife of the senator stated that the Constitution was made by whites and that gays essentially shouldn’t get married because the white race is “diminishing.”

When asked about it, Sen. Brunstetter said the following:

“I know my wife does not think like that. She got very flustered (she is not a political person) and then someone came up to her and started shooting questions at her. She noticed later that there was someone video taping without her knowledge.”

But he’s full of it because within seconds of being confronted the wife of the senator acknowledged that she was being filmed. It was long after her acknowledgment of being filmed when she was actually confronted about her racial comments. So good try, Senator Peter Brunstetter of North Carolina. This anti-gay marriage initiative is further proof of the far-right’s bigotry. Certainly not all conservatives feel this way, but the extremely far-right individuals like Jodie and Peter Brunstetter make a horrible name for everyone who stands on their side of the political spectrum. If you stand behind the inequality of homosexuals, that’s bad enough, but to equate it to a racial issue is just plain nuts.

What’s sad is that after this woman said the horribly bigoted things she said, she almost refused to admit it when she was on camera. She knew she was in the wrong. She knew what she said was terrible, and she said it thinking it wouldn’t come back on her. She admitted to saying “caucasian” but she refused to acknowledge that “race” was an issue. What’s refreshing is that the cameraman and the woman accompanying him treated this woman with kindness and dignity. They even offered to fetch her a cold water because she claimed to be suffering from a “heat stroke.”

Sadly, when you “wiki” Peter Brunstetter, this gaffe is already highlighted on his short page. His wife’s mouth may have ruined his career.

North Carolinians would be wise to avoid this bill, especially if they’re not white.

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