Racist Woman Viral Video Inspires Anger (Video)

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Remember racist tram passenger, Emma West? She was arrested shortly after a video of her holding her child in her lap while making bigoted comments went viral. Now, another hateful git is in a viral video from none other than merry old England. This video is pretty messed up, and quite reminiscent of the racist rant spewed by Emma West, who is undoubtedly trying hard to instill the same values in her children.

So what’s up with this woman? In the video below you will become acquainted with a fright of a “woman” (and that term is used loosely) who is unleashing a bigoted rant on another passenger. The cellphone footage is pretty clear, showing some pretty nasty things being said by the lady. This girl is ranting and raving, jumping her rotund frame about the bus, grilling the passenger at whether he’s an African or from the Caribbean.

The passenger is telling her that he is English, something of which she obviously disagrees. The woman then attacks the passenger by trying to land a kick at him. Instead, she slips and falls comically. When everyone on the bus erupts in laughter the insane spectacle this woman is making of herself, she then attempts to slap the other passenger. She lands a really firm slap against his face and he lunges forward to push her away from him. What ensues next is a full out attack by the woman, who obviously outweighs the other passenger by a considerable amount. The man is yelling for the driver to stop the bus as she continues her frantic racially-fueled attack.

Who the hell is this racist twit?

This woman’s identity is not yet known, or it hasn’t been released by investigators. This incident is known to have occurred on the number 29 between Wood Green and Trafalgar Square, so it’s probably assumed that if you have information you should probably tell police. The woman downright assaulted the passenger after hurling bigoted insults at him. This is uncalled for and in no way should it be tolerated. Don’t let this throw you off about England though. Just like America, it’s a great place, but they do have idiots like this. It’s not the entire way of thought there. England is above this!

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