Racy Photos Posted of Krystal Ball

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Her name might suggest a certain clairvoyance, but Virginia Congressional candidate Krystal Ball didn’t see this one coming.

On Tuesday, some Republican bloggers obtained and posted some private photos of her at a costume party. The photos were a bit on the racy side, and Ball says that the move “is a sexist tactic meant to divert attention from the issues.”

Ball said the photos, which show “her wearing a Santa hat and simulating sex acts with her ex-husband, were taken at a costume party six years ago.”

The Boston Herald noted that Ball said on her Facebook page, “Of course, I am embarrassed by these photos, that was the whole point of these political operatives when they put them up. But more than just embarrassed, I’m angry. I’m angry that when we are suffering from high unemployment, record budget deficits and a broken education system, that crass political operatives will resort to the politics of personal destruction when they can’t talk about the issues.”

Ball told the Boston Herald that “she thinks that female candidates are unfairly held to a different standard.”

While Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown once posed nude in a magazine centerfold, little was said about it during his campaign for public office.

Ball also said that, though she disagrees politically with women such as Sarah Palin and Christine O’Donnell, she believes that they have also been subjected to unfair attacks due to the fact that they are women.

It is unclear how the photos came to be leaked. Ball did, however, point her finger at Republican rival, Rob Wittman.

Wittman’s camp, of course, denied that they were behind the leak.

The photos have since been removed from the original blog. However, the photos are still out there, and the damage has already been done. A young woman is now left dealing with the fallout of a fairly minor thing she did in her younger days.

Are female candidates held to an unfair, sexist double standard? Until all of the nude photos, keg parties, participation in hazings, and other scandals from male candidates’ youthful days are dragged out in the same manner for public scrutiny, it would seem so.

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