RadarOnline is Reporting that Sandra Bullock Will Divorce Jesse James

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As Sandra Bullock has managed to evade photographers for weeks now since the Jesse James cheating scandal emerged, the big question has been on everyone’s minds:  Will she forgive or divorce?  If you’re like me, you’re hoping for the latter.  She has a reputation of being a super nice person, so the worry for her fans has been that she might actually consider taking him back.  But as more and more nasty chicks came forward to claim they had unprotected sex with her husband, what was she to do?  Have a shock collar installed on his penis?  He might actually like that.  Fortunately, if the latest story to break is true, Bullock is kicking James to the curb.  RadarOnline reports:

As more and more women come forward claiming affairs with the West Coast Choppers star, sources tell RadarOnline.com that Sandra is humiliated and feels that her entire marriage was one big lie. So far four women have been named as cheating with Jesse.

And as RadarOnline.com breaks the exclusive news that Sandra has decided to divorce, her rep told People that Sanda is not considering adopting Jesse’s daughter Sunny “nor have there ever been any plans for Sandra to adopt any of Jesse’s children.”

A source close to the situation tells RadarOnline.com that Sandra has made the decision to pull the plug on the marriage. “She’s had enough,” the source said. “She’s ending the marriage.”

As her reputation of decency precedes her, she is most likely to take the high road with the proceedings, but one can only hope that she gets in one swift kick to his nether region.


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