RadioShack Wireless Plans Surprise Market

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Do you like the sound of RadioShack wireless? The company thinks you do—it has confirmed rumors about its new wireless plans, the result of a partnership between Leap Wireless and Cricket. Yes, you will be able to buy a RadioShack phone plan…if you like the features they offer.

The RadioShack plan is no-contract, which means you cannot be locked into a particular payment system for years. If you do not like it, you can switch to another plan the next month. The plan is $50 per month, with unlimited data, although an extra $10 will net you unlimited minutes, international texting, and unlimited music. If don’t have a have a smartphone, RadioShack will also offer $25 to $60 plans for a wide range of minutes.

Not all the details have been revealed for this new RadioShack wireless deal, but the plan certainly has attractive features. Along with the wireless, the company is also offering 30-day exclusives on a few phones, including the Huawei Mercury Ice and the Huawei Pillar. The Ice, for example, uses Android 2.3 and has a basic 4-inch screen and 8 megapixel camera—for $149.99. The more basic Pillar starts at $39.99.

So while the phones do not necessarily impress, the venture into wireless plan territory says a lot. RadioShack moving into phone plans, Google offering Internet service…what is the world coming to? Is the diversification good for business, or could you not care less what type of phone plan RadioShack has? The no-contract nature, while not totally unique, should raise a few eyebrows.

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