Raiders Crush Chargers, 28-13: San Diego Can’t Handle the Raider Nation

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The Oakland Raiders smashed the San Diego Charges, 28-13, in a Sunday game where the Chargers didn’t have any answers for the visiting Raider Nation.

Phillip Rivers looked scared as he was scrambling, Darrin Sproles got knocked out in the first half, and the Oakland Raiders looked like the dominating team of yesteryear in a glorious victory over their division rivals.

Chargers Can’t Get it Together

The stats of the game between the Raiders and Chargers show that San Diego made too many mistakes. Their attempts to contain the surging Raiders were moot. With Jason Campbell taking the reins of quarterback because of an injury to Bruce Gradkowski, the Raiders seem to have found their leader as a host of 3rd down conversions led by Campbell helped keep drives alive for Oakland.

The Chargers, who just last week dominated the Indianapolis Colts, could not get their game together. The Raider defense was just too strong, smashing a visibly frustrated Rivers with hurried plays and hard hits. For a Charger offense that is used to running over defenders, today they were at a loss when it came to pushing around Raider players.

But do the Raiders play dirty? Depends who you ask. If it’s a Chargers fan, then you’ll most likely get an enthusiastic “yes.” Sour grapes, anyone? 

Raider Offense Line Steps Up

The Raiders offensive line was a key factor in today’s winning Oakland equation. The line gave Campbell tons of time to run the offense and the San Diego “Silly” Chargers couldn’t handle the onslaught of Raider might.

This is fine day for Raiders fans as the Chargers are usually the victors when these two teams match up. Add the fact that the Raider win was on the road, in the home stadium of their bitter rival, and all Oakland fans deserve a resounding, “RRAAAAIIIDDDEEERRRSSSS!!!”

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