Rainbows and Localism as opposed to true Variety and actual Diversity

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Localism is a euphemism for a program to cut out what the guvmint doesn’t want you to hear, for cutting out what the guvmint thinks is bad for you, for spreading more of what they think is good for you; in other words the government line.

Mark Lloyd as much as says that in a brief scan of pages 3-6 in the introduction to Prologue to a Farce

“As Mark [Crispin] would write in one of our early proposals to our main funder, the Open Society Institute, we believed that “by making TV better, we would make Amercia better.” On that early morning in October in New York, I was convinced that the chairman of the FCC was with us all the way. He would say:

We call ourselves the greatest democracy in the history of the world, and we undoubtedly are. But, frankly, the disarray and disinterest of our mass media towards fulfilling its crucial democratic commintments give me serious pause … Indeed, we reached a new low last week, when two of the four major networks — NBC and Fox — chose to preempt the first debate of the most hotly contested Presidential election in four decades for sport and entertainment programming.”

Alone it just sounds like what many of us have done … bemoan the lack of public interest in anything political; alone it sounds like no big deal.

But we get a different picture when other things this admin has been involved with are considered, when we consider other things Mark Lloyd has said as well as what we see in the article (also by itself no big deal really …) on which my responses here are based.  

When we consider those issues along with the fishy email debacle, the attempted gagging of Humana’s communications with it’s own members, the opposition to Fox News because it actually reports opposing views and statistics etc, as well as many others I have not delineated but which you, the reader may remember and/or have documented — when we consider these and other issues which are ‘no big deal’ by themselves; seems like Mark Lloyd (now FCC Chief Diversity Officer) and this admin are well on their way toward implementing the Fairness Doctrine under the pseudonym of “diversity.”

Diversity [btw] according to race and/or ethnicity, not necessarily political or ideological beliefs.  Meaning: as long as people combine to form a diversity of colors (a rainbow if you will), nationalities, and races; there is really no need for diversity in regard to ideology, political view, or religious belief.  In other words, only partial acceptance of a false and partial diversity.


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