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Rain became important to me

When I was about thirty four

I was pregnant with my daughter

Three weeks late, I was keeping score


Then came the day she was to be born

An icy freezing rain

I remember stopping on the main road

We might not make the hill again


In those days, they wanted money up front

Or they said they would keep the baby

Now I don’t know if that were true or not

But I wasn’t settling on maybe


She came about a half hour of labor

Didn’t give me a hard time at all

My husband cried tears or joy

We had a daughter. who made that call


She was a wonderful child, generous and kind

With a rare and lovely beauty

She grew graceful and friendly

I thought , now I have done my duty


She didn’t marry until she was twenty six

Had a son at twenty eight

It rained on her wedding day

I didn’t think that was great


A daughter came to her at thirty four

About the same age as I had her

Then she became unhappy

Her marriage became a blur


Rain had fallen on her parade

And divorce was in the game

Many tears were shed by her

She took her maiden name


She began to tell me she would not grow old

Chills ran down my spine

Why on earth would she say that

This wonderful daughter of mine


She lived with her dad and me

Until she married again,

A wonderful man, kind and good

He became my best friend


For it rained on that wedding day too

I thought is this an omen

She said she was happy for the first time

She had the glow of a contented woman


She told her new husband of her premonition

And he in turn told me

I tried to placate him and put him at ease

Seeing a grown man cry tears, is not easy to see


Eleven weeks after her marriage

On a slippery rainy day

She was driving to pick me up

Fate was having it’s way


She was in a coma state

For over two long years

She felt pain and from her eyes

Ran unending heart wrenching tears


The day she passed away it rained

Gentle drops just falling down

I felt relief for her release

She now wore an Angels crown


On her memorial service day

There was a torrential rain

Everyone who knew her thought

Tracey is crying again


Now you won’t be surprised when I say this

But she protects me from the rain

If I go out and it’s pouring

It stops until I’m inside again


This has happened over and over

I’m probably silly to believe this part

I believe she wants me to know

That tears no longer dwell in her heart


God Bless you Tracey




Your challenge: Write about rains. You could be wishing it would rain, talk about global warming or the ice age that’s upon us, or just…well, anything you want as long as it’s wet or dry. Hmmm…the vacuum or mop comes to mind.

The Rules:

Keep in mind, this is a monitored group and there are only a couple of rules, which are:

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