Ralph Macchio makes fun of himself in Wax on, F*** off video for Funny or Die

Ralph Macchio, star of such movies as The Karate Kid (the original) and The Outsiders, has stayed in the hearts on an entire generation. At age 48 he still retains quite a bit of his younger self and really doesnt look to have aged. I could go even further and say I think he is actually a vampire and True Blood needs to call this guy for realism advice. I could say that..Oh wait I did.. Never Mind.

Regardless since the 80’s, people have viewed Macchio as the nice guy. The kind of guy that grandma’s everywhere want their grandchildren to be and would trade there own grandchildren for. In fact if it is proven that President Obama is not the Messiah, I hear Liberals are planning to run Macchio as the next Presidential Candidate. (Its a joke! Its a joke! No Hangin the commentator Please! But you have to admit it does have a ring to it…President Macchio)

OK.. Now that that is out of my system, Macchio together with FunnyorDie.com has made a Mock video that makes fun of himself. I am not quite sure what to make of the video presented below. Apparently, Ralph Macchio, is secure enough with his image to make fun of it, but I am not so sure its the right move. Even if its not, it is making headlines around the internet and you lucky reader (or not so lucky) can judge for yourself. If its a bad move he can claim drugs, go to rehab, and then score a new blockbuster movie!

Fair warning….

Kids shouldnt be in the room as it does have some rough language as well as sexual innuendos. Go on tell em to go to bed…they shouldnt be up this late anyway. Are they gone or at least hiding around the corner out of sight? OK. Good. You watch the video. I will be somewhere around here writing future President Macchio’s Acceptance Speech. Somebody call Oprah!

Ralph Macchio in Wax on, F*** off.

source – funnyordie.com

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