Ramona Singer Explains Her Reaction To Aviva Drescher’s Prosthetic Leg

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Ramona Singer was the uninvited guest when it came to Heather Thompson’s trip to London. Although she was stuck back in New York, she made the best of it. Ramona and her fellow co-star Aviva, who stayed home because of not wanting to leave her young children, went shoe shopping.

During their trip, Ramona was floored when she was Aviva’s prosthetic leg. Aviva, is used to the shock, and took it in stride. Even if Ramona’s reaction seemed rude to some, Aviva isn’t shy about her leg and wasn’t offended.

Now, Ramona has revealed that her shock was actually awe. She writes in her Bravo blog, “Her prosthetic Is a piece of art. I was amazed how real it looked — right down to toenails and pores. The workmanship and details are beyond impressive. You would have to touch it to know it’s not a real leg — that is how real it looks! Yes, I showed my awe and amazement, as I never knew something so spectacular as this could be done.”

As fans of the show found out earlier in the season, Aviva actually has two legs — one which is flat, and another which fits into a heeled shoe.

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