Ramona Singer Pregnant at 53? Real Housewives of New York Star’s Shocking Confession! (Video)

style=”text-align: left;”>Ramona Singer may be pregnant at the age of 53! That is the latest shocking news to come out from the mouth of the Real Housewives of New York star. She is already the mother of a 16-year old daughter File:Barnstar of shining pacifier.pngnamed Avery. Singer was 37 at the time she gave birth to Avery and even then 37 was getting up there in age and pregnancy but 53 takes the cake.

Watch the clip below of Ramona telling her friend and RHNY that she may be with child! If she is pregnant, this will be the second child for her and her husband, Mario. So, what is one of Singer’s reasons for why she may be pregnant? Her breasts have gotten larger and her period is late.

Singer states, “My boobs are like melons now. I haven’t even told Mario I’m late yet.”

Wow, what a bombshell! Isn’t that crazy? Ramona Singer may be stirring up the pot like no other Real Housewives of New York star has before. Hopefully, if she is pregnant, one can only hope that her child will be raised with love and out of the limelight.

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